Who wants to be a star by Julia Allen, Margaret Iggulden

Адаптированная книга на английском языке «Who wants to be a star by Julia Allen, Margaret Iggulden». Аудиокнига на английском.

Адаптированная книга Who wants to be a star by Julia Allen, Margaret IgguldenTina Daniels is thirteen years old and she is a star. She can sing and dance. Everyone knows her. Everyone loves her. They call her ‘Curls’ because she has beautiful curly hair. They all want her photo. She can have anything she wants. But is she happy? Does she want to be a star?

“Tina, why are you eating chocolates?” her mother asks.

“I like them. They’re nice!” Tina says. “You’re getting fat, and a fat girl doesn’t get lots of money in Hollywood,” Mrs. Daniels says. “You want the money I don’t!” Tina says.

            Tina is angry with her mother and Mrs. Daniels is angryу with Tina. Tina leaves the room and cries.

            Tina is very sad. She does not want to be a star. She wants a quiet life. One day she has an idea. Her school friend, Mary, has a grandmother called Mrs. White. Old Mrs. White lives in the country, in Stone church. Tina has a photo of Mary in front of Mrs. White’s house. It looks very pretty — not like the city! Tina decides to go there.

            Tina is at the city station. She is wearing jeans and an old jumper. People do not know who she is.

            “Where do you want to go, young girl?” the man at the ticket office asks her. “Stone church, please. When’s the next train?” Tina asks. “The train leaves at two o’clock from platform three,” the man says. Tina buys her ticket.

            Tina arrives at Stone church. She sees an old house near the river. It is the house in the photo! There are flowers and trees in the garden.

            “Mrs. White must live here,” Tina thinks. She goes to the front door and rings the bell. An old lady with white hair and a kind face opens the door. A black cat comes out too.

            “Good afternoon, who are you?” the old lady asks. “Oh, hello, Mrs. White. My name is Tina. I’m a school friend of your granddaughter, Mary.” “Mary’s school friend — how nice to meet you! What are you doing in Stone church, Tina?” Mrs. White asks. Tina says she hates the city life. “Well,” says Mrs. White, «come in and have a cup of tea, my dear.”

Total words: 932
Unique words: 214
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