Used in Evidence and Other Stories by Frederick Forsyth (MacMillan Readers, Intermediate)

Адаптированная книга на английском языке «Used in Evidence and Other Stories by Frederick Forsyth».

Адаптированная книга. Used in Evidence  and Other Stories by Frederick Forsyth (MacMillan Readers, Intermediate)This book contains  stories:

      1. Used in Evidence
      2. The Emperor
      3. There are no snakes in Ireland

Used in Evidence

In the 1970s, many new houses and apartments were built in Dublin. In some parts of the city, the old houses were very bad. Dublin City Council knocked down these bad homes. The council built new houses and apartments for the people who lived in the old houses.

The worst houses were in Mayo Road. These houses were more than a hundred years old. Rain came in through the roofs. The walls were damp. People did not want to live in these old buildings any more.

In 1978, Dublin City Council built some new apartments near Mayo Road. The City Council bought the old houses in the road from their owners. The people moved out of their old houses and into the new apartments. Council workmen started to knock down the old buildings. The council was going to build a new shopping centre with a large car park in Mayo Road.

The Emperor

Doger, I’m not going to like this place,’ said Edna Murgatroyd.

‘What’s wrong, Edna?’ asked her husband.

There was always something wrong! Mrs Edna Murgatroyd was always complaining. The Murgatroyds had been married for twenty-five years and Edna was never happy about anything or anybody.

‘It’s hot and dirty here,’ she said.

‘Yes, dear,’ said Roger Murgatroyd, ‘but we’re only going to stay here for a week.’

An hour earlier, the Murgatroyds had arrived here on the island of Mauritius. Now they were in a taxi, travelling north from the airport towards Trou d’Eau Douce — a village on the east coast of the island.

There were three passengers in the taxi — Roger Murgatroyd, Edna Murgatroyd and John Higgins.

There are no snakes in Ireland

Mr McQueen sat in his small office in Bangor, in Northern Ireland. He looked at the young Indian man who was sitting on the other side of the desk. McQueen hired workmen to work on building sites. This young Indian wanted a job.

‘Have you worked on a building site before?’ McQueen asked the young man.

‘No,’ answered the young Indian. ‘I am a medical student in Belfast. I am studying medicine at the university. I’m going to be a doctor. I must work during the summer vacation. I must earn some money so that I can finish my studies. I need a job. Please, will you hire me?’

McQueen was a kind man. He wanted to help the young medical student. But he had never hired an Indian before. He usually hired men who had been born in Northern Ireland. Some of these Irishmen did not like foreigners.

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Unique words: 886
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