The Troy Stone by Stephen Rabley

Адаптированная книга на английском языке «The Troy Stone by Stephen Rabley». Аудиокнига на английском.

Адаптированная книга The Troy Stone, Stephen Rabley

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Адаптированная книга  «The Troy Stone by Stephen Rabley» — это книга начального уровня Easystarts издательства Penguin Readers. Она содержит чуть больше 200 уникальных слов. Для тех, кто только начал изучать английский язык самый подходящий вариант. Жанр книги — фантастика.  Сюжет увлекательный  и читается интересно не смотря на начальный уровень. Путешествуя с семьей в Турции подросток находит интересный камень, который  его переносит на много лет назад в Трою, не в самые лучшие для нее времена. Все приключения главного героя я описывать не стану, т.к. будет не интересно читать. Не забудьте прослушать адаптированную аудиокнигу. Она поможет вам разобраться, как правильно звучат слова и немного натренирует ваш слуховой аппарат на восприятие английской речи.  Приятного чтения и прослушивания.
 The Jackson family are on holiday in Turkey. They are staying at a big hotel in Istanbul. Mark (13), his sister Fay (12) and their parents like Turkey. It is beautiful, the weather is hot and the food is good. There is a lot to see, too. Today they are visiting the city of Troy. It is 9 o’clock in the morning. They are getting on a bus in front of their hotel. There are forty people on the bus. They come from Britain, America, France, Italy and Holland. At Troy they all have lunch. Then they start to look at the old city. It is a very hot day. After an hour, Mark sits under a tree. “I’m going to stop here for a moment,” he tells Fay. “OK,” she answers. Then Mark sees something on the ground. “What’s that?” he thinks. It is a flat, yellow stone. Mark picks it up. Then he starts to clean it with his hands. “But I know this stone,” he thinks. “It comes from … from …” Suddenly there is a white light in his eyes. Mark closes them. The light is strong. Now there is a loud wind in his ears. He cannot hear or see anything. “What’s happening?” he thinks. Ten seconds later the light and the wind stop. Mark opens his eyes. He is standing on a beach. He can see hundreds of ships and men. Behind him there is a beautiful city with high walls. “Where am I?” he thinks. “Where’s my family?” He puts the yellow stone in his pocket. Then one of the men says to him, “Boy! Come here!” “Me?” Mark walks across the beach to a long, black ship. “Carry this,” the man says. He gives Mark a lot of wood. Then he gets off the ship. “Follow me,” he says. Mark follows him. The man is very tall and has a short, brown beard. “I don’t know your face,” he says. “Are you new here?” “Y-yes,” Mark answers. “That’s right. I’m new here.” “My name is Andros, » says the man. He and Mark walk for another ten minutes. Then they climb a small hill.


Total words: 1013
Unique words: 220
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  1. Уберите пожалуйста депозитфайлз, с телефона не скачивается. Ещё выложите каждый формат отдельным файлом а не все архивом

    • К сожалению не могу. Ранее было на яндекс диск, но к сожалению все эти файлы были яндексом забанины.

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