The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

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The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde (Английский клуб, Intermediate)The studio was filled with the rich smell of roses. The light summer wind touched the trees in the garden. The heavy smell of the lilac and the more delicate perfume of the pink thorn blossoms came through the open door.

            Lord Henry Wotton was lying on the sofa and smoking. He enjoyed the honey-sweet and honey-coloured blossoms. Now and then the fantastic shadows of birds from the long silk curtains made him think of Japanese painters who had expressed the beauty of the motion.

            Beyond the soft sounds of the garden he could hardly hear the noise of London.

            In the centre of the room, near the upright easel, stood the full-length portrait of a young man of extraordinary personal beauty. In front of it, some little distance away, was sitting the artist himself, Basil Hallward.

            As the painter looked at the portrait, a smile of pleasure passed across his face. But he suddenly started up, and closing his eyes, placed his fingers upon the eyes. It seemed he was afraid to awake some curious dream.

            “It is your best work, Basil, the best thing you have ever done,” said Lord Henry. “You must certainly send it next year to the best art gallery in London.”

            “I don’t think I shall send it anywhere,” he answered. “No, I won’t send it anywhere.”

            Lord Henry looked at him in surprise through the thin blue rings of smoke.

            “Not send it anywhere? My dear fellow, why? Have you any reason? What strange people you painters are! You do anything in the world to have a reputation. As soon as you have one, you seem to want to throw it away. It is silly of you, for there is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, that is not being talked about. A portrait like this would set you far above all the young men in England. It will make the old men quite jealous, if old men can feel any emotion at all.”

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