The magic scooter by Barbara Chatwin, Black Beauty by Anna Sewell (Английский клуб, Beginner)

Адаптированная книга на английском языке «The magic scooter by Barbara Chatwin, Black Beauty by Anna Sewell»

Адаптированная книга на английском языке "The magic scooter by Barbara Chatwin, Black Beauty by Anna SewellThis book contains two  stories:



“Hello, my name’s Mark. Mark Andrews.

I’ve got a scooter. It’s red and yellow and… it’s magic! Are you jealous? My friends are jealous.

I’ll tell you the story of my magic scooter. This is what happened…”

“Happy birthday, Mark,” say Mr and Mrs Andrews.

“WOW… a scooter!” shouts Mark. “Thanks Dad. Thanks Mum… it’s beautiful!”

Mark jumps on the scooter and goes to the woods.

“Be careful!” calls Mr Andrews. “Don’t scratch it! And remember, your birthday party is at five o’clock!”

“This is a very pretty wood,”thinks Mark. “And it’s very mysterious! My dad says there are pixies in the wood. All the people in Cornwall believe in pixies… but I don’t! Stories of pixies are for babies. I’m not a baby!”

But there are pixies in the wood.

Dixie is a pixie.

Dixie’s got long, pointed ears, a pointed nose, big blue eyes and a long grey beard. Dixie likes to paint. He uses magic paint! He paints the flowers in the wood and the spots on the mushrooms.

“What’s this terrible noise?” thinks Dixie. The pixie watches Mark race in the wood and crash into a tree!


Hello! I’m beautiful, black horse and my name’s Black Beauty.

I’m two years old and I live at Birtwick Park in England.

I live in a stable with some other horses. Merrylegs is a little grey pony who is very kind and gentle and Ginger is a tall brown horse who is a bit bad-tempered!

Merrylegs has big brown eyes and small ears and Ginger has small eyes and big ears.

Our owner’s name is Farmer Gordon. He has two daughters — Miss Flora and Miss Jessie.

They always ride Merrylegs because she is so good-tempered.

The farmer usually rides Ginger because she is strong and fast.

The farmer’s wife likes to ride me because I am good-tempered AND fast!

Today, the vicar is coming to tea with his family. He has five sons but I don’t like them.

They always have big sticks and they hit me to make me gallop faster.

Oh dear! Here comes one now.

I hope this boy is nice to me. I bend my knees, he gets on to my back and off we go!

Total words: 1498
Unique words: 326
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