The leopard and the lighthouse by Anne Collins

Адаптированная книга на английском языке «The leopard and the lighthouse by Anne Collins». Аудиокнига на английском.

Адаптированная книга The leopard and the lighthouse by Anne CollinsSindi is an island in East Africa. It has beautiful beaches with white sand. The sea is clear and blue. There are lovely trees and flowers on Sindi. There is also a small village with white houses. An old lighthouse stands near the village on the rocks by the sea. This lighthouse is empty now. Sometimes children from the village play in the lighthouse.

             Sindi lies about five hundred metres from the mainland of Africa. A lot of animals live on the mainland — monkeys, elephants and leopards. One day a leopard swims across the sea to Sindi. The leopard is very hungry and he is looking for food. He swims quickly. He comes to the beach and gets out of the water. Then he walks along the road to the village.

                    There is a market place in the village. Many people with small children are shopping in the .market. They are buying meat, vegetables and fruit. Suddenly the hungry leopard runs into the market place. The people see him. Children cry and men throw stones. Some of the stones hit the leopard. He runs out of the market.        The leopard runs through the streets of the village. Behind him the people are following and throwing stones. They are very angry. They do not want a leopard in their village. The leopard is very tired now. But where can he run? He sees a small road between two high walls. He turns and runs along this road. The people follow him.

             The leopard runs quickly along the road. He cannot see over the walls. He cannot go back and there is no way out. Suddenly he sees a tall building. The door of this building is open. He runs through the door. Then he stops. What now? The people are coming. He sees some stairs. He runs up the stairs — up into the building. The building is the old lighthouse.

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Unique words: 206
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  1. это же не адаптированные книги . А ПРОСТО НА АНГЛИЙСКОМ ЯЗЫКЕ

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