The Ghost of Genny Castle by John Escott

Адаптированная книга на английском языке «The Ghost of Genny Castle by John Escott». Аудиокнига на английском.

Адаптированная книга The Ghost of Genny Castle by John EscottIt was a cold December afternoon. Walter Burge was outside his cottage when he saw the car in the road, across the fields. It was Minnie Dawe’s car.

‘Who’s she taking home?’ thought Walter. ‘A visitor?’

Walter didn’t like visitors. ‘Stay away from the castle,’ he told them when they came in the summer. Sometimes they didn’t listen to him. But this was winter, when not many people came.

He watched the car for a minute or two, then he went back to his work..

An orange cat was outside the cottage. It was the colour of fire. It too watched the car. Then it walked slowly across the field at the back of the cottage and up to Genny Castle.

Claire looked out of the window of the little car.

‘Is it far to your cottage, Aunt Min?’ she asked.

‘About six miles,’ said her aunt.

The village of Little Genny was behind them now, and snow began to fall from the grey December sky. Claire thought about Christmas. ‘It’s going to be nice here with Aunt Min,’ she thought.

‘The last time I saw you was ten years ago,’ said Aunt Min.

‘I was only five years old then,’ said Claire with a laugh.

‘And now you’re as tall as me,’ said Aunt Min. She was tall and thin with grey hair. ‘Where did your mother and father go? I can’t remember.’

‘New Zealand,’ said Claire. ‘They went because of Dad’s job, and they’re coming back in January.’

Aunt Min smiled. ‘And you’re going to be with me in my little cottage for Christmas,’ she said.

Claire smiled back, then she looked across the fields and saw a tall stone building.

‘An old castle!’ she said. ‘I must go and see that before I go home again.’

Aunt Min didn’t look at the castle. ‘It — it’s not a nice place to visit,’ she said. ‘Genny Castle is dangerous.’

‘Dangerous?’ said Claire. ‘Why?’

Aunt Min didn’t answer. She looked across the field at the old building and said, ‘Stones are always falling from the walls and towers.’

Claire looked at her aunt. ‘There’s something Aunt Min isn’t telling me,’ she thought. ‘What is it? Does the castle have a secret?’

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Unique words: 551
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