The Fireboy by Stephen Rabley

Адаптированная книга на английском языке «The Fireboy by Stephen Rabley». Аудиокнига на английском.

Адаптированная книга. The Fireboy By Stephen RableyThis is the story of Hapu. He lives in Ancient Egypt at the time of Queen Cleopatra.

His father, Bak, has a small factory. He makes gold tables and chairs. Hapu helps him. He is a ‘fireboy’. Every day he pushes a long handle up and down. The work is hot and very hard. But what can he and his father do? They are poor people. They need to make money.

Every evening they sit beside the Nile. Bak talks to his son about the factory, tomorrow’s work — everything. «One day we’re going to be very rich,» he tells Hapu. «Are we?» The fireboy looks into his father’s tired eyes. «Yes.» Bak smiles. «I don’t know how and I don’t know when, but we are.» Then he stands up. «Come on,» he says. «It’s late. Let’s go home.»

Three days later Hapu and Bak are making a table. It is very hot in the room. Suddenly Bak stops work.

«What is it, father?» Hapu asks. «Is something wrong»? «I don’t know,» Bak answers, he closes his eyes. «It’s my head. I can’t…» And then he falls on the ground. «Father!» Hapu runs to Bak and puts one hand under his head. «Father — are you all right?»

The next day Bak stays in bed. «I’m sorry Hapu,» he says. «I want to work but I can’t. I’m ill.»

Hapu is very sad. «Father works too hard,» he thinks. «That’s why he’s ill. We need more money — but what can I do?» Then he has an idea. «Of course!» he thinks. «I must make something for somebody very rich. Somebody like … the Queen!»

Bak is ill for two weeks. In that time Hapu makes a lot of tables and chairs. But not only tables and chairs. He makes a gold necklace, too.

«There!» he thinks late one night. «It’s ready.» He smiles. The necklace is very beautiful. «Queen Cleopatra is going to like this,» Hapu thinks. «She’s going to pay a lot of money for it, too. I know she is.»

The next morning he goes to Cleopatra’s palace.

Total words: 987
Unique words: 195
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