The Bottel Imp by R.L. Stevenson (Black cat, Beginer)

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The Bottel Imp by R.L. Stevenson, Easy Readers, BeginerThere was a man in the island of Hawaii. I shall call him Keawe. He is still living, and no-one must know his name. This man was poor, but he could read and write like a teacher. He worked for some time on the island steamers, and then on a boat on the coast. At last Keawe decided to see the great world and big cities; so he went to San Francisco.

This is a fine town. Many of the people there have a lot of money. Some of them live on a hill in fine houses. One day Keawe was walking on this hill with his pocket full of money.

“What fine houses these are!” he was thinking.

 “And how happy those people must be who live in them!”

He was thinking of this, and then he came to a house that was smaller than the others. But it was as fine as a flower, and the windows gave off light like diamonds. Keawe stopped to look at it.

So stopping, he saw a man that looked out of a window. Keawe could see him as clearly as you can see a fish in the water.

The man smiled and smiled as if to tell Keawe to come in; and he met him at the door of the house.

“My house is a fine house, isn’t it?” he said. “Please come and look at the rooms.”

So he took Keawe all over the house. And everything in it was as good as good can be.

“This is a beautiful house,” Keawe said. “If I lived in it, I should be laughing all day. How is it, then, that you are not?”

“If you like,” the man said, “you can have one like it. Or even finer. You have some money, I think?”

“I have fifty dollars,” Keawe said. “But a house like this will cost more than fifty dollars.”

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  2. In the archive is also another book, probably for the larger size of the archive. The real size of the archive is only 6,8 MB.

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