Space Affair by Peter Viney

Адаптированная книга на английском языке «Space Affair by Peter Viney». Аудиокнига на английском.

Адаптированная книга на английском языке "Space Affair by Peter Viney"Gareth climbed out of the freezer. He knocked a few small pieces of ice from his clothes, and stood up. He shook his head. A freezer technician was standing next to him. She was wearing a silver metal suit.


            ‘Gareth … Gareth Palmer.’


            ‘Beta 4297.’


            ‘Garden Technician, Class Four.’

            ‘What are six threes?’


            ‘And nine fours?’

            ‘Nine fours are thirty-six.’

            ‘Where are you?’

            ‘On the New Adventurer.’

            ‘Where are we going?’

            ‘To the star Orelia. Planet Five.’

            The freezer technician put down her pen. She turned to the doctor. ‘He’s all right. No problems.’

            She turned back to Gareth. ‘You’re OK, Beta 4297. You can go to your room. Dinner will be in forty minutes. Report for work at 18.00 hours.’

            Gareth walked out of the Freezer Room. He was always a little nervous. It didn’t happen very often, but every two or three months, someone didn’t wake up, or they did wake up but they couldn’t remember who they were or what they were doing. He thought about Philip. Philip was a garden technician, too. When he woke up last year he was like a baby. He couldn’t speak or feed himself. They put him in the hospital for tests, but there was nothing they could do. They had to kill him. There was no room on a starship for passengers.

            Gareth hurried to his room. He wanted a shower. That was always the first thing you wanted after two weeks in the freezer. He found his room, stopped and looked at the sign on the door.

            ROOM 543

            ALPHA 3461

            BETA 4297

            He opened the door and went in. The room, as usual, was empty. He took his key from his pocket and opened his cupboard. He took out a work suit and laid it on the bed, and then he took off the metal freezer suit, and put it in the cupboard. He got in the shower, and turned on the hot water. He felt better immediately. He stood in the shower for two minutes, then the shower turned itself off. Two minutes was the longest time you could have in the shower. Then he saw something in the bottom of the shower tray. A little piece of gold metal.

Total words: 3970
Unique words: 502
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