Sleeping Beauty

Адаптированная книга на английском языке «Sleeping Beauty». Аудиокнига на английском.

Адаптированная книга Sleeping BeautyThe people from a small town in France are outside the King’s summer castle. The King goes out onto the balcony.

‘We are very happy to tell you that we have a baby daughter. Her name is Aurora. Everyone is invited to a party, here at the castle, tomorrow,’ he says.

The King goes back into the castle. The Queen is singing to the baby.

The party tomorrow is going to be wonderful,’ says the King. ‘All the people from the town are coming and, of course, we must invite the Flower Fairies.’

Everyone in the castle is very busy. The cooks are cooking delicious roast meats with vegetables and they are making delicious cakes, too. The cleaners are sweeping and dusting. The Queen’s friends are picking flowers in the garden and putting flowers in all the rooms.

‘Mmm…! The food smells delicious,’ says the King ‘And the castle is very pretty with all these flowers.’

Little Princess Aurora is sleeping happily. She doesn’t know there is going to be a party tomorrow.

The next day the sun shines and all the men, women and children from the town come to the party. The children like the new baby and want to pick her up.

‘You can pick her up later, when she wakes up,’ says the Queen.

‘Yes,’ says the King. ‘Come and sit down now. The food is ready and we’re all hungry!’

‘Look! Look! Over there by the trees says a little boy.

Everyone turns and looks at the trees.

‘Oh!’ says a little girl. ‘Are they…?’

‘Yes, they are,’ says the Queen. They’re the Flower Fairies!’

‘Hello,’ say the Flower Fairies. We’ve got some very special presents for Princess Aurora.’

‘She’s going to be beautiful,’ says Fairy Daisy.

‘She’s going to be happy,’ says Fairy Iris.

‘She’s going to be healthy,’ says Fairy Sunflower. ‘And…,’says Fairy Poppy… .

‘STOP!’ says another Fairy.

Total words: 972
Unique words: 207
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