Sherlock Holmes Investigates by Arthur Conan Doyle

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Sherlock Holmes Investigates by Arthur Conan Doyle (Black cat, Pre-Intermediate)This book contains three stories:

  1. The Blue Carbuncle
  2. A case of identity
  3. The Yellow Face

The Blue Carbuncle

I visited my friend Sherlock Holmes on the second morning of Christmas. When I arrived he was sitting in front of the fire, wearing his purple dressing-gown. Next to the sofa was a wooden chair, and on the chair was a dirty old hat. A magnifying glass and a forceps were on the chair, so the hat was probably part of one of Holmes’ investigations.

         ‘You are busy,’ I said. ‘Perhaps I interrupt you.’

         ‘Not at all,’ he replied, and indicated the hat. ‘The problem is very simple, but it is still interesting and maybe even instructive.’

         I sat down in an armchair and warmed my hands in front of the fire because it was very cold outside.

         ‘I imagine,’ I said, ‘that this hat is connected with a terrible crime.’

         ‘No, no. No crime,’ said Sherlock Holmes, laughing. ‘It is only one of those strange things that happens when four million human beings live within the small area of a city. With so many people, every imaginable combination of events is possible, and sometimes you can find a problem that is striking and strange but not criminal.

A case of identity

‘My dear fellow,’ said Sherlock Holmes as we sat by the fire in his house at Baker Street, ‘real life is infinitely stranger than anything we could invent. We would not dare invent things, which are commonplace things of life. If we could go out of that window, fly over this great city, gently remove the roofs of houses and look at the peculiar things that are happening, the strange coincidences, the plans, and the wonderful chains of events, we would discover things much more interesting than in books.’

         ‘But I do not believe it,’ I answered. ‘The stories in the newspapers are never very interesting. In fact, they are always very boring.’

         ‘That is because,’ said Holmes, ‘newspapers always repeat the official reports of magistrates and police reports. Yon can be certain that there is nothing as unnatural and strange as the commonplace.’

The Yellow Face

Sherlock Holmes did not like aimless physical exercise, but one spring day I persuaded him to go for a walk with me in the park. We walked for two hours, and it was almost five when we returned to Baker Street.

         ‘I beg your pardon, sir,’ said our page-boy, as we entered, ‘there was a man waiting for you. He was a very restless gentleman. He walked all around the room saying, «Isn’t Mr Holmes going to return?» Finally he left.’

         ‘You see,’ Holmes said to me, ‘I needed a case, and now I have lost this one because we went for a walk in the park.’

         ‘Hullo! That’s not your pipe on the table. Well, that man must have a very big problem because he left his pipe. It is obvious that he likes this particular pipe very much.’

         ‘How do you know that he likes it very much?’ I asked.

         ‘Well,’ explained Holmes, ‘I think this pipe costs around seven-and-sixpence. Now. look it has been mended twice with silver bands that probably cost more than the pipe itself. So, this man must like his pipe very much if he prefers to mend it instead of buying a new one with the same money.’

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