Sense And Sensibility by Jane Austen (MacMillan Readers, Intermediate)

Адаптированная книга на английском языке «The Elephant Man by Tim Vicary». Аудиокнига на английском.

Sense_And_Sensibility-Jane_AustenNorland Park was a fine old house in the county of Sussex.

            The house and the land around it had belonged to the Dashwood family for very many years. For hundreds of years, members of the Dashwood family had lived at Norland Park.

            Eleven years before the start of this story, the owner of Norland Park — Mr Dashwood — invited his nephew and his family to live with him. Mr Dashwood was an old man and he had never married and had children, so his nephew was his heir The name of the old man’s nephew was Henry Dashwood. Old Mr Dashwood wrote in his will that when he died, Henry Dashwood would inherit the property.

            Henry had married twice. His first wife had died several years after their son, John, was born. Henry and his second wife had three daughters — Elinor, Marianne and Margaret. Old Mr Dashwood liked his nephew, his nephew’s wife, and their young daughters very much and for many years they all lived happily together at Norland Park.

            Old Mr Dashwood died and Henry and his family read his will. They were very surprised at what they read there. Only a few years before his death, old Mr Dashwood had changed the words of his will.

            John Dashwood, Henry’s son, was about twenty-seven years old and he was rich. He had inherited money from his mother and he had also married a rich woman. John and his wife, Fanny, had one child — a boy called Harry. Harry was now four years old. Little Harry had often visited Norland Park with his parents and old Mr Dashwood had become so fond of the young child that he had changed his will. The will said that while Henry Dashwood lived, he was the old man’s heir, and Henry and his family could live at Norland Park. But the will also said that when Henry died, his wife and his three daughters would not inherit the property. Instead, the house and the land would belong to little Harry Dashwood — John Dashwood’s son. Henry’s second wife and his three daughters would have nothing.

            ‘Do not worry, my dear,’ Henry said to his wife after old Mr Dashwood’s funeral. ‘Norland Park is our home now and I hope that it will be for many years. Our daughters will get married one day and they will look after us. We will all have many happy years here together.’


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