Sense and sensibility by Jane Austen (Czytamy w oryginale, Pre-Intermediate)

Адаптированная книга на английском языке «Sense and sensibility by Jane Austen». Аудиокнига на английском.

Адаптированная книга. Sense and sensibility by Jane Austen (Czytamy w oryginale, Pre-Intermediate)The family of Dashwood had long been settled in Norland Park, Sussex. Mr Henry Dashwood lived with his only son, as his wife had passed away. She had had a large fortune, and when she died, she left it all to her son, but with one condition,- the money and house would only be passed on to her son once her husband had died as well. After several years, Mr Henry Dashwood married again and had three daughters. His new lady had no money at all and he understood, that to his daughters he would not be able to leave much on his death. Elinor, Marianne and Margaret would only get what Mr Dashwood would manage to save during his lifetime as he could give them nothing from his first wife’s fortune. But Mr Dashwood was a cheerful man and hoped to live many years, and by living economically he would be able to save enough money so that his three daughters would have reasonable incomes. Also, he hoped his eldest son would help his half sisters if such help was needed. When his eldest daughter, Elinor, was only nineteen, Mr. Henry Dashwood suddenly became very ill and died within two months, leaving to his widow and daughters only ten thousand pounds. His son was sent for as soon as the danger was known, and Mr Dashwood’s last words were to ask him to help his stepmother and sisters. The son, Mr John Dashwood was not a bad person, unless to be rather selfish and rather cold-hearted is to be bad. In fact, had he married a nicer woman, he might have been made a nice person himself. Unfortunately Fanny Ferrars, who he married, was even more narrow-minded and selfish than he. Consequently, during their marriage, her husband, who was very fond of her, had been made a strong caricature of his earlier self.

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