Run For Your Life by Stephen Waller (Penguin Readers, BEGINNER)

Адаптированная книга на английском языке «Run For Your Life by Stephen Waller». Аудиокнига на английском.

Адаптированная книга. Run For Your Life by Stephen Waller The big street with its cafes and shops and people was behind them now. They walked slowly.

It was quiet. Away from the cars and the noise, Kim was excited. She held on to Dave’s hand.

They were in a narrow street of tall houses and small shops. They heard a radio through an open window. A woman singing. Kim stopped and listened, but she did not understand the words. Her Spanish was good, but not very good!

It was the fourth day of their stay in Barcelona.

Kim and Dave were seventeen. They had the same Spanish teacher at school in Liverpool, a big town in England. ‘Do you want to talk Spanish?’ their teacher said. ‘Well, go to Spain!’

There were eight of them from the same school on this holiday. They went to school every morning and talked Spanish. Then, in the afternoons, they usually went out by bus and saw something in Barcelona — important buildings, famous pictures, old photographs.

Something new every day.

Today, Kim and Dave were not with their school friends. Dave did not want to go by bus. He wanted to look round the old town. Not the famous buildings. Not the big shopping streets with the banks and cafes and bookshops. He was interested in the little streets behind the old market. The ‘dangerous’ old town, people said. But Dave was not frightened. ‘There are “dangerous” streets in Liverpool, too,’ he said.

They did not try to remember the names of the streets. They did not have a street plan. At every corner they stopped and looked. Then they came to an interesting little street. It was very narrow.Very old, they thought. Dave took a photograph.

Kim looked up. The houses were very tall. The windows up there were in the sun. But down in the street it was dark.

They came to a little open place with two or three trees and sat down. It was quiet.

Suddenly, there was a noise in one of the houses. A door opened and a man in a black shirt and jeans ran out. He stood at the open door and looked back into the house. Then he ran across the street.

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