Rich Man Poor Man by T.C. Jupp (MacMillan Readers, Beginner)

Адаптированная книга на английском языке «Rich Man Poor Man by T.C. Jupp». Аудиокнига на английском.

Rich Man Poor Man by T.C. Jupp MacMillan Readers, BeginnerOne day a postman came to my village. The postman brought me a letter from my son, Saul

 ‘Is your name Adam?’ the postman asked.

 ‘Yes,’ I said.

 ‘I’ve got a letter for you.’ The postman read the envelope: ‘Adam of the village of Minta.’

 ‘A letter for me. Who is it from?’ I asked.

 The postman looked at the envelope again. ‘From Saul,’ he said. He gave me the letter and walked away.

‘Martha, Martha,’ I called to my wife. ‘Come here. We have a letter from our son, Saul.’

Martha came out and looked at the letter. She was excited but she was also worried.

 ‘A letter from Saul,’ she said. ‘Is he alive and well? I’m going to find the school teacher. He can read the letter.’

 There was no school fifty years ago. So I cannot read or write. I live in a small village. The only work is farming. My only son, Saul, left the village two years ago and my three daughters are married. Saul is making a lot of money in a foreign country.

 Martha and the school teacher came back. A lot of other people came. Everyone wanted to hear my letter. The school teacher opened the envelope and read the letter.

Total words: 2772
Unique words: 252
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