Persuasion by Jane Austen

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Адаптированная книга Persuasion by Jane AustenSir Walter Elliot lived at Kellynch Hall, in Somersetshire, with two of his daughters, Elizabeth and Anne. His third daughter, Mary, did not live at the Hall. She met Mr Charles Musgrove; they married and Mary went away to live at Charles’s home, in the village of Uppercross, not very far from Kellynch.

Sir Walter was fifty-four years old and was a handsome man. But he was not a clever man. He only thought about his hair and his moustache, or the colour of his coat or shirt or trousers. He never wanted to think about other things His wife. Lady Elliot — a beautiful, clever and friendly woman — was now dead. The two girls stayed with their father at the Hall, but they often visited their mother’s good friend. Lady Russell, and she often visited them.

Lady Russell lived in another big house, not far from Kellynch Hall. She loved her friend’s three daughters very much, but she loved the second daughter, Anne, more than the other two. Anne was a pretty, but very quiet young woman. She was the cleverest of the three girls. She liked thinking; she liked talking to other people; she liked reading good books. But her father loved Elizabeth and Mary more than he loved Anne. He never talked about things with her. He wasn’t interested in her. For Sir Walter, Anne was . . . Anne was only Anne.

Elizabeth looked after the Hall with its big gardens and beautiful park, and Anne helped her. Mary sometimes came to visit them.

Sir Walter, their father, never wanted to think about money. He liked buying new things for the house. He hked buying new jackets and shoes. He liked driving in expensive new carriages. But he never asked, ‘Where does the money come from? How much money have we got?’ He did not like thinking about it.

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