Management Gurus by David Evans

Адаптированная книга на английском языке «Management Gurus by David Evans». Аудиокнига на английском.

Адаптированная книга на английском языке "Management Gurus by David Evans"In his film of 1936, Modem Times, Charlie Chaplin shows business life as a kind of bad dream. The film is set in a huge factory where people are simply parts of a machine. The workers are not allowed to talk and they are not expected to think. Their jobs are boring and their lives are ruled by the clock. Every action is measured by managers in white coats. Above them all, there is the figure of the boss. He’s the man who owns everything, controls everything and sees everything. He even gives orders to workers while they’re in the company’s washrooms!

            According to Chaplin, this was the terrible world that had been created by the ideas of Frederick Taylor. Today, Taylor is remembered as the father of scientific management. He has almost certainly had a bigger effect on business than any other thinker. His methods were copied by businessmen like Henry Ford in the USA and political leaders like Lenin in Russia. Even now, many companies are still managed according to his ideas.

            But there has always been one big problem with Frederick Taylor and his ideas. He never really understood people. In his business life, he was never a very successful manager because he was always arguing with his workers. In his private life he often behaved in a very strange way.

            In fact, in his later years, he met one of his old bosses, Charles Harrah, at the entrance to a hotel.

            ‘How are you?’ asked Taylor.

            ‘Oh, very well,’ said Harrah, ‘I’m making millions and millions of dollars. In fact, I’m planning to build a hospital for mad people.’

            ‘Oh really?’ said Taylor.

            ‘Yes, really,’ said Harrah, ‘and I’m saving a whole floor of it for you.’

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