Live And Let Die by Ian Fleming (MacMillan Readers, Intermediate)

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Live And Let Die by Ian Fleming, MacMillan Readers, IntermediateOne morning, James Bond was called to the office of his boss, M, head of the British Secret Service. Miss Moneypenny, M’s private secretary, gave Bond a warm smile when he arrived.

‘007 is here now, Sir,’ she said into the intercom on her desk.

‘Send him in,’ came the reply.

Bond knocked and walked into M’s office. M was sitting behind a large leather-topped desk. A reading light made a pool of light across the desk. The rest of the room was darkened by the London fog outside the windows.

‘Good morning, 007,’ said M. ‘Sit down.’

Bond sat in the chair which faced M across the desk.

‘Have you ever seen one of these?’ M took a gold coin from his pocket and pushed it halfway across the desk towards Bond.

Bond picked it up and turned it over in his hand. ‘No,’ he said. ‘But it’s worth about five hundred pounds, perhaps

‘Fifteen hundred,’ said M. ‘It’s an English coin, of course. A Rose Noble of Edward the Fourth.’ He took more gold coins from his pocket and dropped them on the desk in front of Bond — Spanish, French and Dutch coins. ‘They’re worth a lot of money just as gold, but much more to people who collect coins. If you take a look, you’ll notice that they were all made before 1650. Bloody Morgan, the pirate, was Governor and Commander in Chief of Jamaica from 1675 to 1688. These coins are almost certainly part of Morgan’s treasure.

‘Nearly a thousand of them have come into the United States in the last few months. And they continue to come in, finding their way to banks and coin collectors’ shops. But the FBI has a problem. If they admit that they know about the coins, the coins will stop coming into the country. They’ll be melted down into gold bars’ and will be lost. They don’t want that to happen.

‘At the moment, someone is using a network of people — people who are working as porters, sleeping car attendants on trains or truck drivers — to spread the coins all across the United States. Quite innocent people, like Zachary Smith…’



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