Little women by Louisa May Alcott

Адаптированная книга на английском языке «Little women by Louisa May Alcott». Аудиокнига на английском.

Адаптированная книга Little women by Louisa May Alcott It was two days before Christmas.

Meg Jo, Beth, and Amy March were sisters. Meg was sixteen and she was very beautiful. She had big eyes and beautiful long brownhair.Jo was fifteen. She was tall and thin. She had dark eyes and long brown hair. Beth was thirteen. She was very quiet. Little Amy had blue eyes and yellow hair.

It was six in the evening and the girls were at home. They talked about Christmas.

Jo wasn’t happy.

“It’s Christmas and we aren’t going to have any presents!” she said.

Meg looked at her old dress.

“I know, Jo,” she said. “But we don’t have much money.”

Amy said, “My friends are going to have presents. I want some presents too.”

Beth smiled.

“We don’t have any money” she said. “But we have Mother and Father, and we’re happy.”

Jo didn’t smile.

She said, «We don’t have Father. He’s away in the war and he isn’t coming back for Christmas.”

“Maybe he isn’t going to come back,” the girls thought. But they didn’t say it.

“We have a little money,” Meg said. “What can we buy?”

“I want a new book,” Jo said. She loved reading

“And I’d like some pens,” Amy said.

“I don’t want any presents,” Beth said, “Let’s buy presents for Mother. We can put them on the table for her on Christmas Day.”

“Yes,” said Jo. “Let’s do that. We can buy them tomorrow. What can we get for her?”

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