Humpty and His Family by Yalia Puchkova

Адаптированная книга на английском языке «Humpty and His Family by Yalia Puchkova». Аудиокнига на английском.

Адаптированная книга на английском языке "Humpty and His Family by Yalia Puchkova"Hello, I’m an ostrich. I’m from Africa. I live in the grasslands. Now I’m grown-up, but I want to start my story from the very beginning. Here it is.

I’m sitting in an egg. It is big, and I’m big too. I’m tired of sit-

ting here. I want to get out. I hit the egg with my beak, but nothing happens. It is sometimes light and sometimes dark in the egg. When it is dark, I sleep. When it is light, I want to go out.

Now it is very light. I hit the egg with my beak again. Suddenly, there is a small hole in the wall of the egg. I take my beak out of the hole, and put my eye to it. I’m looking through the hole now. Wow! It’s great there! I can see a lot of green grass, some green trees and bushes. There are different animals. They are walking in the grass. Some animals are eating the grass, some animals are eating the leaves. I can see a cheetah. It is lying in the tall grass. It is hiding from a zebra. The cheetah looks very hungry. Oh no! It wants to eat the zebra.

I look at the zebra. It is eating grass. It doesn’t see the cheetah.

I’m very angry. I want to get out. I shake the egg. Suddenly the egg starts rolling. It is rolling and rolling, and I’m rolling too. Bang! The egg hits the cheetah on the back. The cheetah jumps up, turns round and looks at me. Of course, it can’t see me. It can see only the egg.

It looks and looks and shows me its big ugly teeth. I’m afraid. I’m not looking at it now. I’m hiding inside the egg. I’m very quiet. The cheetah smells the egg, sneezes and walks away.

I turn the egg. I can see the zebra now. It is running away.

Oh no! Somebody is rolling me back! But I know her. She is my Mum. She is big and strong. She is very tall, too.

Now I’m at home again. There are three eggs around me. There is my brother and two sisters inside them.

It is dark now. I can hear my Dad. He comes home every evening. He helps my Mum a lot. He sits on the nest at night. Now Dad is sitting down on the nest. It is very dark. I’m tired, and I sleep.

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Unique words: 421
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