Hannah and the hurricane By John Escott

Адаптированная книга на английском языке «Hannah and the hurricane By John Escott». Аудиокнига на английском.

Адаптированная книга Hannah and the hurricane By John EscottHannah is sixteen and lives on an island. She is on holiday from school and is working for Mr. Duval on his glass-bottomed boat. They take people to look at the beautiful fish and the coral reef under the sea. Mr. Duval can only pay Hannah a little money, but she likes working for the old man. Mr. Duval’s boat is the only glass-bottomed boat on the island. But one day…

“Look, Mr. Duval!” says Hannah. «There’s a new glass- bottomed boat!” Hannah is right. The new boat is taking people out to look at the coral reef, and there are people waiting for it to come back.

“Why are all the people going on the new boat and not on my boat?” says Mr. Duval. “What’s happening?” I’m going to find out,” says Hannah.

Hannah soon has the answer. “It’s cheaper!” she says. “Yes,” says a man standing behind her. “And it’s going to be the only glass-bottomed boat on the island in a month or two. It’s going to be ‘Goodbye, Mr. Duval!’” And he laughs. Hannah knows the man. His name is Max Marker. He is very rich and has a big house on the island. “Is it your boat?” she asks. “Yes,” he says.

“Why is it cheaper on your boat?” Hannah asks. “Oh, I know!” she says, “you want to stop Mr. Duval’s boat and then your prices can go up.” Max smiles. “Come and work for me,” he says. “I can pay you lots of money.” “No,” says Hannah. “I like working for Mr. Duval. Money isn’t everything.” “You’re wrong,” says Max.

He is laughing again, but it is not a nice laugh.

The weeks go by. People do not come to Mr. Duval’s boat. Tm sorry, but there is no more work for you, Hannah,” says Mr. Duval one day. “It’s OK,” says Hannah, but she is very sad to lose her job.

Max goes to see the old man. “Do you want to sell your boat?” he asks. “I can give you, a good price for it.” Mr. Duval is very angry. “No!” he says.

The next morning Mr. Duval goes to his boat — and sees that it is under the water! “Oh no!” he says. “I don’t understand.”

Hannah comes later that morning. The radio says there is a strong storm coming — a hurricane! She wants to help Mr. Duval get his boat into the boathouse. But now she sees the glass-bottomed boat under the water.

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Unique words: 192
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