Great Expectations by Charles Dickens (MacMillan Readers, Upper-Intermediate)

Адаптированная книга на английском языке «Great Expectations by Charles Dickens».

Great Expectations by Charles Dickens MacMillan Readers, Upper-IntermediateWhen I got home, Mrs Joe was too busy preparing our Christmas dinner to ask me questions. I sat down quietly by Joe.

Our dinner was to be at half past one. Long before that, I was scrubbed clean by Mrs Joe and dressed in my best clothes. It was my job to open the door to our guests — three of our neighbours, and Uncle Pumblechook.

Uncle Pumblechook was a fat, stupid man with hair that stood up on his head. He greatly admired5 my sister but thought very little of Joe and myself. He had brought two bottles of wine and he gave them to Mrs Joe with a bow5 and a smile.

Everyone was soon eating and drinking happily. Everyone except me. I was terrified. Was Mrs Joe going to serve the pie today? When would she discover it was missing?

Dinner seemed to be finished, when my sister suddenly spoke to Joe.

‘Fetch clean plates!’ she ordered. I held on tight to the table leg. I knew what was going to happen.

My sister smiled at her guests.

‘And now you must all taste another gift from Uncle Pumblechook,’ she said. ‘It’s a delicious meat pie!’

‘Well, Mrs Joe, this has been a wonderful meal,’ Uncle Pumblechook said happily. ‘But I think I could eat a slice of that meat pie!’

My sister hurried into the pantry and Uncle Pumblechook picked up his knife and fork.

‘You shall have a slice of pie, Pip,’ Joe whispered to me.

I could not sit there any longer. Did I cry out or not? I can’t remember. But I jumped up and ran towards the front door. At the same moment, Mrs Joe came back from the pantry.

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