Don Quixote of Miguel de Cervantes (Penguin Readers, Elementary)

Don Quixote of Miguel de Cervantes (Penguin Readers, Elementary)Mr Alonso Quixada lived quietly for many years in a village in La Mancha in the middle of Spain. He was a tall, thin man, nearly fifty years old. He didn’t have a lot of money, but he had friends, a nice house, an old horse, a good dog and food on his table.

            But Mr Quixada also loved to read books about knights. When he lead these books, he was in another world. He forgot about his work and his everyday problems. The books gave him a picture in his head of a more exciting time in more interesting places.

            He read all day and all night. He talked for hours and hours to his two oldest friends, Pero and Nicolas, about the stories in these books.

            But Mr Quixada was different from his friends. He wanted more than books and conversation. After many years he thought, ‘I don’t want to sit here. I want to be a knight. I’ll leave this village and have adventures.’ Mr Quixada got ready for his new life. He found an old suit of armour, and he made a helmet. Then he thought about his dear old horse: ‘A knight’s horse has to have a good name. I’ll call my horse Rocinante because he isn’t a tired old horse now. He, too, is ready for adventures. He and I will find a new, exciting life.’

            He thought for eight more days about his new name before an idea came to him. ‘I will be Don Quixote de la Mancha!’ he said excitedly.

            Every knight in the old stories also had a lovely young woman at the centre of his life. The knight told the world about her, and he fought for her. So Don Quixote had to find the right woman.

            Aldonza Lorenzo lived in El Toboso, near his village. She was a happy, far girl — nice, but not really clever or beautiful. But to Don Quixote she was the loveliest woman in the world. He gave her a fine new name too:

            Dulcinea del Toboso.

            ‘There is music in the name,’ thought Don Quixote. ‘I’ll fight bad men, and then I’ll send them to my love. They’ll tell her about my great adventures, and that will make her happy. Then they’ll sing songs and write stories about the lovely Dulcinea and her knight,

            Don Quixote.’

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