Death in the Freezer by Tim Vicary

Адаптированная книга на английском языке «Death in the Freezer by Tim Vicary». Аудиокнига на английском.

Адаптированная книга на английском языке "Death in the Freezer by Tim Vicary".I killed a dead man. That’s why I’m in prison.

            The dead man was my brother, Al. He was born six years after me, and I always hated him, even when he was a baby. Before he was born, my parents loved me. My father carried me on his back, and took me swimming. My mother bought me lots of dolls, and we played with them together. I have seen the photos. My parents took a lot of photos of me, in my first six years. I still have the photos, in a book.

            But then Al was born. I have a photo of him, too, as a baby in the hospital, here in Los Angeles. My mother is holding him, and looking at him with a big smile on her face. My father has his arm round my mother, and he is smiling at baby Al, too. Al is holding his daddy’s finger.

            And me? Where am I in this picture? I am standing by myself, beside the bed, watching them. There is a strange smile on my face. I think. I am happy, but I’m not sure. And no one is looking at me.

            It was always like that, after Al was born. He was a boy, and that was important to my parents — and very important to my Dad. Most of the photos in the book are of Al. Al eating baby food, Al learning to walk, Al on my Dad’s back, Al playing football, Al swimming, Al running,

            A1 having a big party with his friends.

            A hundred photos of Al, and five or ten of me.

            Of course, my parents played with me sometimes, took me swimming, bought me clothes. But they weren’t interested in me. Before Al was born, they spent a lot of time with me. After he was born, they didn’t.

            Often, I played hospitals with my dolls. I played that the dolls were sick, and 1 was a nurse. When the dolls had bad stomachs, I gave them medicine to take. Sometimes I pulled their arms and legs off and put tomatoes on them, to look like blood. And sometimes I gave them drugs. That was the best of all. My mother gave me an old syringe, and I put water in it and pushed it into the dolls. Soon the dolls were full of holes.

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