Dangerous journey by Alwyn Cox (MacMillan Readers, Beginner)

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Dangerous journey by Alwyn Cox MacMillan Readers, BeginnerThere was forest all round. All round for hundreds of kilometres. And there were no roads in the forest. There were only tracks.

Two tents stood in a clearing. Two men were standing near the tents. The younger man, Manuel, was making coffee on a small stove. He looked up at the sky. ‘It’s going to rain today,’ he said.

‘I know,’ replied Leon. ‘And the rain will turn the ground into mud. Then we’ll never get back to base.’ Four men were working in the forest. They were looking for iron and other metals. Leon was the boss and he was angry.

It was early morning. Leon and Manuel were ready to leave. But Joe and Pedro were our in the forest.

‘They left in the truck two days ago,’ said Leon. They’re very late.’

Joe was always making trouble. He was younger than Leon and he was clever. He wanted to be boss.

Manuel poured the coffee into mugs and the two men drank it slowly. Suddenly they heard the sound of a truck.

‘They’re back,’ said Manuel.

The truck came up the rough track. It stopped near the tents. Joe jumped out. He was a big man with red hair. He was smiling. His smile made Leon more angry.

‘You’re late,’ said Leon. ‘Where have you been?’ ‘Hunting,’ replied Joe. And he held up his rifle. ‘Hunting,’ Leon shouted angrily. ‘That’s not your job. We haven’t time for hunting.’

‘We were away for two days,’ replied Joe. ‘We’re not very late.’

‘I’m the boss here!’ Leon shouted.

Joe looked at Leon angrily. He was not smiling now. ‘We’re late — very late,’ said Leon. ‘The rain will start soon and then there will be mud everywhere. We must leave now.

Manuel took down the tents and Joe and Pedro put the boxes into the truck.

Total words: 2115
Unique words: 331
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