Bridget Jones`s Diary by Helen Fielding (MacMillan Readers, Intermediate)

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Bridget Jones`s Diary by Helen Fielding (MacMillan Readers, Intermediate)January: A Very Bad Start

            New Year’s Resolutions

           These are the things I decided I would do this year.

            1.      Stop smoking.

            2.      Develop a mature6 relationship with an adult man.

            3.      Go to the gym.

            4.      Be kinder and help others more.

            Sunday 1 January

            Weight 9st 3, alcohol units 14, cigarettes 22, calories 5424.

            Noon. London: my flat. Ugh! I’ve got to drive to Una and Geoffrey Alconbury’s New Year’s Day Turkey Lunch. Una and Geoffrey Alconbury are my parents’ best friends and they have known me since I was a small child.

            I’m not a child any more — I’m in my thirties with a flat and a job in London. But every year my mother makes me go to Una and Geoffrey Alconbury’s New Year’s Day Turkey Lunch. She usually tries to introduce me to a man she thinks would he a good boyfriend for me. But she always chooses the most awful men.

            This year, for weeks before New Year’s Day, my mother had talked about Mark Darcy. ‘Do you remember Malcolm and Elaine Darcy, darling?’ she kept saying. ‘They’re bringing their son Mark with them to Una’s New Year’s Day Turkey Lunch. He’s a top lawyer — just back from America. He’s just got divorced.’

            I don’t know why my mother didn’t just say openly, ‘Darling, Mark Darcy would make a very good boyfriend for you. He’s very rich.’

            11.45      p.m. Ugh! The first day of New Year has been awful. I took the wrong road on the way to the Alconburys’ so I got lost and arrived very late.

            ‘Bridget! Happy New Year!’ said Geoffrey Alconbury. He gave me a huge hug. ‘Come on, let’s get you a drink. How’s your love-life?’

            ‘Fine,’ I said in an embarrassed sort of way.

            ‘So you still haven’t got a boyfriend!’ said Geoffrey in a loud voice.

            ‘If you don’t hurry up and get married soon, you’ll be too old to have children,’ said Una, his wife. ‘Come along and meet Mark.’

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Unique words: 1292
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