Billy And The Queen by Stephen Rabley

Адаптированная книга на английском языке «Billy And The Queen by Stephen Rabley». Аудиокнига на английском.

Адаптированная книга Billy And The Queen by Stephen RableyBilly Parker is fourteen. He has got brown hair, green eyes and a small nose. He has got a sister, too. Her name is Roxanne (but everybody calls her Rox). It is August. Billy and Rox are staying at their grandmother’s house in Brighton. One Sunday, Billy looks at his bicycle. It is very, very old. “I need a new one,” he says. “But the question is how? New bikes are so expensive.”

            “It’s all right for you,” says Rox. “I haven’t got a bike at all.” At that moment Gran opens the back door. “Tea!” she says. Billy and Rox go into the house.

            “Gran,” says Billy at tea. “Do you know how I can make a lot of money?” Gran smiles at him. “Why do you ask?” “He wants to buy a new bike,” says Rox. “Oh, I see.” Gran thinks for a minute. Then she says, “I know!” “What?” asks Billy. A magazine called Palace is on the table. Gran opens it. “Look,” she says. “There’s a competition here and the first prize is £500.” Billy looks at the magazine. “Send us a photo of you and the Queen together,” he reads. “Together?” says Rox. Billy looks at Gran. “But I don’t understand,” he says. “How do people know where the Queen’s going to be?”

            “That’s easy,” says Gran. “It tells you every week in the magazine.” She turns to page 67 of Palace. “Look — here we are. Tomorrow she’s going to a horse show near here. On Wednesday she’s going to see a film, and on Friday she’s going to open a new hospital.” Billy looks at Rox. “What do you think?” he asks. Rox smiles, “I think you can buy two new bikes for £500,” she says.

            The next day is Monday. There is a horse show near Brighton and the Queen is going to be there at 11 o’clock. Billy and Rox leave at 10 o’clock. “Now have you got everything?” asks Gran. “Camera? Sandwiches? Umbrella? Coffee? Money?” Billy looks at the sky. “Yes, Gran,” he says. “All right, then — have a nice time,” says the old lady. Rox smiles. “Thanks Gran,” she says.

            Brighton station is only five minutes away from Gran’s house. Billy and Rox walk there. “OK — which train do we want?” asks Billy. “The 10.18,” says Rox. They arrive at the horse show just after 11 o’clock. There are lots of people. “Can you see the Queen?” asks Rox.

Total words: 1084
Unique words: 224
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