Anita’s Big Day by Elisabeth Laird


Адаптированная книга на английском языке «Anita’s Big Day by Elisabeth Laird». Аудиокнига на английском.

Адаптированная книга Anita's Big Day by Elisabeth Laird

This is Anita’s big day. She looks at her face in the mirror. “I can be a movie star, I know I can!” she thinks. She takes a letter out of her bag and reads it again. “Dear Miss Rosselli, Come to the movie studio at 10 o’clock on Tuesday morning. Mr. Stein can see you then.” She hears the telephone and answers it.

“Oh Dan. It’s you,” she says.

This is Dan’s big day. He has a new car. It is fast, and red, and beautiful. “Anita likes men with fast cars,” Dan thinks. “Now I can take her out.”

He has a telephone in his car. He calls Anita’s number. “Hi, Anita,” Dan says. “Come out with me in my new car.” “OK,” Anita says. “You can take me to the movie studio.” Dan drives to Anita’s house.

“Anita!” Dan says. “I love your dress. And your hair! You look beautiful!” “Thanks, Dan,” Anita says. “Let’s go. Mr. Stein wants to see me at 10 o’clock.”

Dan drives very fast down the highway. “Wow! You’re a good driver!” Anita says. Dan is happy. He is not looking at the road. He is looking at Anita. He does not see the stop sign at the end of the highway. «Where’s the road? Where are we?” Dan says. There are a lot of trucks here, but he cannot see any cars. “Follow that big truck,” Anita says.

He follows the truck. It turns right, but Dan drives on. “Where are we?” Anita says. “Hey,” Dan says. “We’ve got a problem! Shut your eyes, Anita. Don’t look.” The car goes up and up. “Don’t open your eyes,” Dan says.

The car comes down and down. “You can open your eyes now,” Dan says. “Look, we’re on the road again.” He drives across the grass to the road. It is very big and very long. There is a line of lights beside it.

“Look at this,” Dan says. “Our ear is the only car on the road. Let’s go really fast.” Anita laughs. “I love fast cars,” she says.

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Unique words: 183
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