Alissa by C. J. Moore (MacMillan Readers, Starter)

Адаптированная книга на английском языке «Alissa by  C. J. Moore «. Аудиокнига на английском.

Alissa by  C. J. Moore (MacMillan Readers, Starter)Alissa is reading. Her father calls to here. ‘Alissa! Alissa! Alissa runs to the door. There is a car outside the house. Her father is talking to a fat man. This is Alissa. She reads all day,’ her father says. The two men laugh. ‘Alissa,’ her father says. ‘My friend has work for you in the city. There isn’t any work here in the village. You must go with him.’

The fat man smiles at Alissa. ‘How old are you?’ he asks. ‘I’m twelve,’ she says. The fat man laughs again. Alissa doesn’t like him. She doesn’t want to go with this man. She wants to go to school in the village. She likes school. She likes reading.

‘Your mother is packing your things. You must go to the city,’ her father says. The fat man gives some money to Alissa’s father. Alissa’s father is pleased and happy. Alissa is angry and afraid. Alissa does not want to go with this man. But she must obey her father.

. Alissa and the fat man arrive in the city. They drive to a house. A thin man comes to the door. The two men talk. ‘Here is your room,’ the thin man says to Alissa. He points to a door under the steps. Alissa goes into the room. The room is small and dark. It is her new home.

Total words: 780
Unique words: 163
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