African Adventure by Margaret Iggulden

Адаптированная книга на английском языке «African Adventure by Margaret Iggulden». Аудиокнига на английском.

African Adventure by Margaret Iggulden (Oxford Bookworms Library, Pre-Intermediate)Teresa looked out of the window of the plane and saw the lights of London below her. ‘I can’t believe it. I’m really going to Kenya. Goodbye, cold England, I’m going to the sun! Six months in Africa. I’m so excited.’

            ‘Are you going to Kenya for a holiday?’ asked the woman next to her.

            ‘No. I’m going to work at a special hospital in Nairobi. I’m going to work with an American doctor for several months.’

            ‘That’s very interesting.’

            ‘Yes, he’s a friend of my father’s. His name is Dr McCall. He’s very clever,’ said Teresa.

            ‘Dr McCall? I’ve read about his work in the newspaper. He’s famous. Doesn’t he study flowers and trees?’ The woman looked interested.

            ‘I’m not sure.’ Teresa laughed. ‘I’m working with him because I can speak Nandi, one of the Kenyan languages. I was born in Kenya. We returned to England when I was three. But my father always speaks Nandi to me. He loves Africa. He was born just outside Nairobi and lived there for thirty years. He loves the people and the country. I think he can speak five African languages.’

            ‘What’s his name?’

            ‘Dunn. Thomas Dunn. And I’m Teresa Dunn.’

            ‘Chamgei, Teresa. My name’s Anna Holmes.’

            ‘You speak Nandi, too! Mising, Anna!’

            They both smiled.

            ‘Where do you live, Anna?’ asked Teresa.

            ‘I live in the west,’ said Anna. ‘I’ll give you my address. Come and visit me.’

            Thank you. Do you often do this in Africa?’


            ‘Invite strangers to stay with you?’

            ‘Oh yes. A lot of people will invite you to their homes.’

            ‘In Europe people don’t do that.’

            ‘No. Africa is quite different. Don’t you remember?’

            ‘No, I only remember the hot sun.’

            Anna looked at her and smiled. ‘I think you’ll learn a lot in Kenya. Now I need some sleep.’ She shut her eyes.

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Unique words: 609
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